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Bennette Misalucha's Pending Projects/Initiatives

As session comes to a close, I look forward to continuing these projects and initiatives. One of my central focuses has been on education related initiatives.

  • For the last year, had been working on a proposed new academy for PC High School and Aiea High School in collaboration with Leeward Community College.

  • Collaborating with DOE to create a cloud-based training/certification, which would put Aiea and Pearl City on the map as a pilot for such an initiative

  • Collaborating with Chaminade University to start financial literacy curriculums in our Aiea and Pearl City public schools

Additionally, I have been working on projects and initiatives for my community.

  • Working on a federal earmark for a project located in Aiea.

  • Working on plans to set up an innovation Center in District 16.


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