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Proposal to eradicate feral chickens moves through the legislature

HONOLULU (KHON2) — A Pearl City lawmaker said members of the community have raised concerns about the number of feral chickens in the area, and the noise and mess that comes with them. A proposal to eradicate them is now moving through the legislature.

State Senator Bennette Misalucha said plenty of constituents have voiced similar issues. She is behind Senate Bill 2195 which proposes to implement a five-year pilot program to eradicate feral chickens.

The proposal was initially intended for the communities she represents, but now, the proposal is statewide.

Misalucha said, “We want to be humane, you know, we were very mindful about that. But at the same time, this is really, you know, a road hazard a health hazard, and we need to take care of all of our communities.”

The pilot program would require the health department and the department of agriculture to develop a humane and cost-effective way to eradicate the feral chicken population.

They would also have to work with county officials.

The proposal also suggests using a special feed that serves as a form of birth control.

Misalucha said, “According to the new reiteration of the bill, we’ll be seeking a special permit from the US Environmental Agency so that they could use a particular contraceptive for the chickens.”

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